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Armando Olivero
The Renaissance Man 

"I'm a composer, musician, painter, photographer and have discovered my love for air tap guitar in the recent years. My music encompasses elements from Jazz, Blues, Rock to R&B but I love sounds from all over the world.

My albums are all distributed under my artist name Encompass. I write and perform my music usually by myself. The guitar is my primary instrument but I play everything from drums, piano, bass, cello as well as other strings, and percussioninstruments. I prefer to play my instruments live, especially for my recordings.

I'm an artist inside and out, breathe it, live it. I live in a world of sensation possibilities. I have a strong affinity for aesthetics and beauty, love my animals, horses, dogs, cats, all creatures and have a true appreciation for the beauties of nature.

I'm sharing my artistic endeavors, music, photography, videos, the art of motion, and 3-D animations with you." 

Armando Olivero